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Manual Food Processor rm29

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, Kami Rosedelightshop(Usahawan Muslim) membekal berbagai mesin heavy duty bagi kegunaan dirumah dan komersial seperti peniaga restoren, kantin, kiost, pasar malam, kantin yang membuat Iced blended, Coolblog,jus buah-buahan, coconut shake dan seumpamanya.

Kami menawarkan pada harga termurah dipasaran dan juga borong.

Memperkenalkan Manual Food Processor rm29

Manual Food Processor: Our food processor can be used equally well as a vegetable chopper, salad maker, meat grinder, onion chopper, garlic mixer, herb blender, perfect for slicing, mixing, and cutting various foods for baby or daily use, USE YOUR INTELLGENCE TO CREATE MORE USAGES OF OUR
How to Use:

1. Push the base to make the suctions absorb on the table.
2. Install the container, put it on the base and clockwise rotate to fit the two parts together.
3. Put the blades into the container and fix it.
4. Put the vegetables, meat or what you want to chop into the container. Then cover the lid and fix it.
5. Now choose the proper gear and insert the handle into it, then start to stir.
6. After finishing all the ingredients, replace the blades with the black salad spinner and stir all the ingredients together.

Kindly Note: The blades are very sharp, please be careful when changing it.

Product Dimensions:
Full height: 24cm
Container height: 9.5cm
Container Diameter: 18cm
Container with holder height: 11cm

Our Salsa Master can make salsa, chop onions, and prepare salads, dice tomatoes, separate eggs and more. It needs no electricity, and will offer effective functions. It is not only suit for kitchen, also travel or other outdoor activities. This versatile tool makes quick work out of tough cutting tasks, and it's so easy to assemble, use and care for. It is perfect for slicing vegetable salads, chopping herbs, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, boneless meat, and more.

Package Included:
1 x Food Processor
1 x Egg separator
1 x Salad spinner

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