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Heavy Duty Blender Suomisi 2HP 1.8kw 2L Jug rm169

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, Kami Rosedelightshop(Usahawan Muslim) membekal berbagai mesin heavy duty dan stainless steel bagi kegunaan dirumah dan komersial seperti peniaga restoren, kantin, kiost, pasar malam, kantin, catering dan lain-lain. Inshaa Allah harga termurah, mudah, borong, dan 
Kami menawarkan pada harga termurah dipasaran dan juga borong.

Memperkenalkan Heavy Duty Blender Suomisi 2HP 1.8kw 2L Jug Perfect Blender. 

Wonder why there are shop like Starbuck and others can serve a nice Ice Blended? yes, you need a good and quality machine to cut your ice into as smoothies. 
Perfect results everytime

Prepare to chop, dice and splice your way through vegetables, fruits and other ingredients effortlessly with the Heavy Duty Blender Suomisi 2HP 1.8kw 2L Jug Perfect Blender. , The highest now on malaysia Market )It is able to grind a range of wet and dry ingredients such as coffee beans, dried herbs, chilli, pepper, cut vegetables and others in mere seconds. No need to worry about cracks or scratches or smells as the jar's high resistance prevents these problems, making it easier for the user to maintain, clean and store it properly. 

Easy to operate

is also very easy to operate as it boasts a control panel where you can control the speed of blade to make your blended ingredients as chunky or as silky smooth as you want it to be. Get the best results for all your cooking preparation needs with the Heavy Duty Blender Suomisi 2HP 1.8kw 2L Jug Perfect Blender. 

What's in the box: 
1 X Commercial Powerful Nutrition Ice Blender, 2HP 1800Watt (Red)
1 X User manual

General Features:
Model Heavy Duty Blender Suomisi 2HP 1.8kw 2L Jug Perfect Blender. 
Size (L x W x H) 28x51.5x27.5
Weight 5.8
Liter Jug 2L

2. JUG RM135
5. CAP RM25

Rm169 no Wrty
Retail rm200 now rm190 1mth wrty
Borong 3pc ++ rm170 1mth wrty 

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