Jumaat, 2 September 2016

Personal Round Digital LCD Tempered Glass Weighing Scale 33CM rm50

Product details of Mactrend Personal Round Digital LCD Tempered Glass Weighing Scale 33CM

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, kami Kitchen Pro Malaysia
usahawan muslim dan menjual berbagai peralatan dapur, rumah, 
perniagaan kecil-kecilan, kios, Hotel , restoren dan lain-lainmesin perniagaan 
makanan dengan kadar borong dan murah di Malaysia.

Embrace Contemporary Style!The Tempered Glass Digital Scale will not only provide the most accurate weight readings, but it will enhance any place you set it. The design is modern and attractive with its unique frame and large dial display.

High Accuracy!Scales are meant to provide you accurate weight readings. It can be confusing and disappointing when the measurements fluctuate. This scale was manufactured with high precision sensors that won’t let you down!

Strength to Endure!The tempered glass frame provides extra strength making it durable and convenient. It was built to last with the highest grade craftsmanship.

Place it anywhere you choose!Use it as a personal scale in the bathroom, vanity, or any place you choose. It is versatile, lightweight and durable.

Price: Rm50

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