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Steam Iron Q Tobi Ori Rm65

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    Steam Q Iron
    The steam brush is a portable steam brush small size, suitable to go traveling, they travel with cotton with silk effect
    Product Code: SJ-2178
    Weight: 1.040 kg
    Product Dimensions: 34.5 * 8 * 9cm
    Material: ABS
    Rated voltage: 220V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 800W
    Seven strokes teach you to identify good iron:
    1. There are no extra ceramic substrate!
    2. Multi-speed precision thermostat smart thermostat-saving anti-dry function!
    3. There is no multi-functional trousers clip (optional) and other accessories!
    4. There is no gentle steam adjustable steam explosion!
    5. There is no water thermostat knob and hot water and a comfortable non-slip grip!
    6. There is no flat iron and garment steamer features!
    7. Can the home, which can also carry on business travel!
    So long as seven strokes, you can buy a good iron brush, pro, is not very simple!

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