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Rechargeable USB mini fan Rm23

Portable Usb Ventilator HandHeld Mini Fan of Battery Operated and Rechargeable Powered Ventilateur Fans Outdoor Used 

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, Kami Rosedelightshop(Usahawan Muslim) membekal berbagai mesin heavy duty dan stainless steel bagi kegunaan dirumah dan komersial seperti peniaga restoren, kantin, kiost, pasar malam, kantin, catering  dan lain-lain. Inshaa Allah harga termurah, mudah,  , borong,  dan goshop.
Kami menawarkan pada harga termurah dipasaran Malaysia dan juga pada harga borong.

Memperkenalkan Portable Usb Ventilator HandHeld Mini Fan of Battery Operated and Rechargeable Powered Ventilateur Fans Outdoor Used Rm22

Thank you for using F95B Li-ion battery fan,In order to let you fully enjoy the advantages of high-quality fans,please follow the instructions below for proper operation:
1. Instructions:
1)Start running or gear selection,press thegreen button on the right panel;
2)Turn off the machine or activate the battery,press the red button on the left panel;
3)charging or used as a USB fan,insert the data cable into the left side of the connector;
4) Bright LED isinstalled on the right of the host,which will be lit be when you press the green Run button to fourth gear;
5)The first light on the left of the pabel is charging status indicator light,wg=hich will be red when charging and green when fully charged,and ysed as USB fan,it will also be lit when the power is turned on;
6)The three  lights on  the  right  of  the panel is gear position indicator light ,which will display the corresponding working gear position when pressed the Run key and they will flash when the battery is low.
2.Basic parameters
Input Power:4.5W(MAX)
Working hours:2-8H
Battey specifications:Li-ion 18650
Charging time:About 4H
Replenisher:Input 100V-240V,output5V1A
Net weight:190g(With battery)
3 .Considerations:
1.The fan does not work when the battery positive and negative is anti-loaded, but it do not damage the host;

Price Rm23

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