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Karipap dough Pasta Maker Electric Rm560

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, Kami Rosedelightshop(Usahawan Muslim) membekal berbagai mesin heavy duty dan stainless steel bagi kegunaan dirumah dan komersial seperti peniaga restoren, kantin, kiost, pasar malam, kantin, catering  dan lain-lain. Inshaa Allah harga termurah, mudah, borong,  dan goshop.

Kami menawarkan pada harga termurah dipasaran dan juga borong. Pasta Maker Electric Rm560
Karipap dough Electric Pasta Machine Maker Press noodles machine producing

This is a machine you'll pass down- very heavy, very sturdy, and beautifully made,your homemade pasta will be the centerpiece of many memorable meals. With beautiful appearance, advanced structure. They are also very convenient to operate and have a steable, safe system. They can be used to press different kinds of noodles, ravioli husk and so on.This machine are suitable for press paste in hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and families.With a few simple ingredients and this Pasta Machine you will soon be treating your family and friends to a feast of homemade pasta dishes, just like the savory specialties served in authentic Italian restaurants.

Model DMT-175
Rated voltage 220V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Producing capacity 25-30kg/h
Package Size 35.5* 33 *36.5cm
6month warranty

  • Product Name:DMZ-180b Electric Noodle Making Machine Capability: 20-25 Kg/h Noodle Maker Press Flour

2016 high quality electric noodle making machine,pasta making machine ,noodle cutting machime,dough roller for commercial and home use
product details:
1)product weight:20.5KG
2)dough width:200mm
3)dough thickness:0.5-4mm
4)work efficiency:35KG/H
5)product measure:340mmx380mmx300mm
6)material:the body is steel plate,the roll is stainless steel 
7)the item color is silver gray colour,very beautiful .
8)commercial use and home use
9)Power:big power 550w
special note:our products price only including two blades,but we have five size blades  for your choose:2mmu,3mm , 6mm,9mm and 16mm.when you make the order,pls mark which two sizes do you need.If you not mark,we will send 3mm and 6mm two blades.
Our  blades size:2mm,3mm,6mm,9mm,16mm

Bucket surface installation diagram:
1)The screw on both sides of the whiteboard.
2)take down the screw.
3)place the bucket surface
4)final:press the screw
Our product:
stainless steel roller 

(1) before use must take a good ground
(2) rolling the dough sheet, you must remove the knife section
(3) rolling surface machine is running, is not allowed to adjust the face sheet adjustment bolt, that is, two red adjustment knob
(4) when adjusting patch Bohou shall from thick to thin order to avoid damage to the machine
(5) The good times rolled dough piece needs section, must take knives push in the end, determine knives roller gear and face gear meshing well only after the power is turned on, start the machine, otherwise it will damage the surface of the blade and surface roll two gears
(6) The knives are not allowed reversed, otherwise it will damage the grate
(7) plane can not be too soft, otherwise it will face stagnation in the tank knives, so the knife can not be used

Use Method:
 1. and face: flour with warm water (about 10: 3), adequate water and salt, alkali; if do not add egg  
     noodles or less water, reconcile      together in the basin.
 2. Preparation: The surface and well, stopped a floc, and then into the face bucket, rolled into the
     bread, sprinkle some dry flour and set aside.
 3. Check before you use the work surface, remove surface dirt, add some grease in the hub of the
 4. Rolling surface: first remove the section knife, adjust pressing roller two head regulator, the sides of
     the roll gap adjustment 2.5-3mm, will plug into the 220V power outlet, press the switch on the
    machine, and the good the dough piece into the side above the bucket, introduced between the
    pressing roller, the roller system repeatedly 4-5 times, the last adjusted the roller gap 1.5mm, re-
    pressed once.
5. End: After use, turn off the machine power switch, unplug the body, knife, roller clean.

Harga Rm560

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