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Electric Cotton Candy Machine Verly VY-772 rm690

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Kami membekal mesin gula-gula kapas/cotton candy maker yang tahan lasak/heavy duty( commercial cotton candy maker)
Mesin ini boleh beroperasi lebih 8 jam dalam satu masa dan menghasilkan gula-gula kapas dengan pengeluaran banyak dan sesuai jualan kecil-kecilan, kedai atau jadi pemborong.

 Electric Cotton Candy Machine
Ordinary sugar is the main material, add some colours to sugar, It can make many taste and colors candy floss. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, purple etc. It appropriate across a wide range of taste including apple, strawberry, juicy peach, watermelon, litchi, mango, grape, orange, banana, coffee etc. 
Product description: 
Cotton candy machine
Power supply:
220V /50Hz
Stainless steel
Carton + wood shelf

More details about VERLY Cotton Candy Floss Machine 
As you can see in the picture, the pan at the top of the machine is made of stainless steel. The plate cover in the center of the pan is made of copper. As we all know Copper material has better thermal conductivity than aluminum, so the taste of candy floss is better too. And this can also reduce the quantity of waste sugar.

2.Candy box
Put the sugar on the candy box will be more convience.

3.High Efficient 
The electronic automatic ignition function, so that the ignition and temperature control more convenient and safe. And use the energy saving of gas mouth, greatly reduce the energy consumption to save time. So 5-10s can finish 1 cotton candy.

4. Using local
The rotary table equipped with shielding, make operation process more secure. Equipped with charging current instructions, voltage regulation, etc., suitable for different using conditions.

Selecting non-stick coating, easy to clean, hundred conform to the hygiene standards of food. so our products are more competitive.
1.Turn it on to warm-up for 2 or 3 minutes and watch the machine is working steadilyor not and then turn it off(You must adjust the item if it is shaking. Make sure it is installed correct .

2.Fill the sugar is about 10~15g.Please do not over fill it or the item will work not formal.This processmust do after the rotary tray is stop and do not mix the sugar with other things.

3.Press the switch to turn on the rotary tray.

4.The cotton candy is out after 1 min, and use small stick to rotate it (picture D,E)

5.Don't turn off the rotary switch after made the cotton candy. Please turn off the heat switch first and wait for 2~3 minutes for the tray cool down or the sugar will burnt. Take it off to soak half an hour and clean with cloth when there is coke.

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Key feature: 

Size 520*520*500mm 730*730*500mm 
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 
Power 950W 950W 
Out Put 30sec. /PCnS 30sec. /PCS
Warranty 6 bl

Harga Rm690

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