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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, kami Pro Kitchen Trading
usahawan muslim dan menjual berbagai peralatan dapur, rumah, 
perniagaan kecil-kecilan, kios, Hotel , restoren dan lain-lainmesin perniagaan 
makanan dengan kadar borong dan murah di Malaysia.

Premium sweeper/ penyapu Magic+penyedok rm45. Sampah yang dikumpulkan secara automatik dan terus masuk dalam ruang sampah.

New Household Cleaning Automatic Whirlwind 360 Rotation Sweeper Without Electricity


1.360 rotation
2.No need to charge
3.No need to bend down
4.No dust,Closed cleanning With garbage bin,Closed cleaning,containing a magnet to prevent garbage dropped
5.Big appetite can eat all kinds of junk

How To Use It Correctly

1.Does this broom need electricity? How to work? Does it need to install?
This broom adopt the latest advanced technique,No Electricity,No batteries.Push it forward ,it can automatically collect the trash into the gabage bin.Easily to use and no need to install.
2.What kind of ground fit for this sweeper?.
This broom is fir for the hardened ground to use(wood floor,tile floor,marbled floor)。Don't use it to sweep Uneven ground (Carpets,Foam Pad,etc).Not suitable for sweeping the stairs yet.
3.Can the broom sweep all the places?Does it have dead corner?.
Yes,it has a dead corner,the broom can clean 98% places except for the narrow palces which need to 。Every cleaner has its dead corner.
4.Can this broom sweep all kinds of garbage?.
This broom is designed for the family.Mainly aimed for the hair,peanut shell,melon seeds shell,scraps of paper,rice,granular garbage.All of these can be cleaned up.Like Mineral water bottle can not be sweep into the garbage bin.And this is not a vacuum cleaner.Also cannot sweep the the tiny dust.
5.Is this broom too noisy when it is working? .
This broom dosen't have engine.Only have the sound of roller rolling on the ground.If you push slowly,it will be almost silent.
6.This broom can be twined hair?.
The sweeper may be enwinded by the long hair.But don't worry .Pull the hair out of the brush by hands.


ABS resin handle enwvironmental.Ergonomic design with comfortable hand feeling ,soft texture slightly resin material
Stainless steel telescopic tube two hands stretched in different derectiongs freely adjusted to best suit their length
Hand push sweeping broom + sweeping dustpan without electricity

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