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Blender Herb Rempah rm380 / Food Blender rm700

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Memperkenalkan Electric Herb Grinder / Food Blender rm700. Kini anda boleh menghancurkan herba seperti lada hitam, kerumbar, beras, kacang soya dengan mudah.

New 1000g Swing Full Stainless Herb Grinder/ Food Grinding Machine,Electric flour mill,ultrafine grinding machine mills

Mills Type:Food Mills
Metal Type:Stainless Steel

This machine adopts high-speed and high-endboutique motor bearings, structural precision, lownoise, small size, easy to operate, compact appearance, herbs lossless, Work, no dust, no vibration, both energy saving and safety Can quickly crush hard and soft materials, while
Western medicine, pearls, chemicals, food ingredients have better crushing effect.
Only 1-2 minutes to achieve the goal

How to use:
Before using the unit, turn off the power switch.
1 Open the cover (clockwise close, CCW to open)
2, the crushed dried goods into warehouse.
3, the cover closed.
4, plug in the power, turn the timer switch.
5, when the rolling sound more evenly when the
goods have been into powder, can be turned off.
6, turn the power off, open the lid, and pour the

1.To keep the user in safe, power must be
2.The processing object must be dried or without
3.The processing object in the cabin must be less
than two thirds;
4.normally the milling time for herb is 30
minutes, hard material(before milling need to cut
it into piece) need 1-2 minutes;
5.Working time should be no more than 8 minutes
every time, to keep the machine long working life;
6.No switch on while the cap is open;
7.Carbon Brush and blades shall be replaced after
long usage;
8.Before using. Check the cutter head is fasten or
not, the blade rotating is normal or not;
9.Prohibit using water to cleaning the crushing
10.The motor used is a Brushed motor, it is normal
that sparking and foreign taste occurs;

 Harga: rm700(1Kg capacity)
Rm480 (0.5Kg Capacity)
rm380 (0.3Kg Capacity )

Product type: JP-500B-2D
Product Name: 500 grams of quick open cover swing type high speed grinder
Motor power: 1600 (W)
Voltage: 220 (V) 50HZ
Speed: 26000 (r/min)
Grinding fineness: 60-300
Net weight: 6 (kg)
Volume: 420 x 240 x 240 (MM)
Yield: 500 g / times

For more info:-
sms/wassap: 0162637676

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