Khamis, 3 September 2015


Asslamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, kami RoseDelightShop usahawan 100% muslim dan menjual berbagai peralatan dapur, rumah, perniagaan kecil-kecilan, restoren, kios dan barangan keperluan kanak2 dan ibu(MomKids).

Kami adalah Kedai As Seen On Tv Shah Alam Seksyen 13, Murah dan mudah dan juga murah. Inshaa Allah Kami menjual barangan termurah berbanding Go shop dan Lazada.



Saves 20%-30% Of Electrical Consumption

$$ Stabilizes The Voltage Supply 

$$ Improves Efficiency Of Appliances 

$$ Prevents Electrical Overheating 

$$ Prolongs The Life Of Electrical Devices 

$$ Saves You Money Right Out Of The Box 

$$ Simple To Connect - Maintenance Free 

$$ Perfect For Home Or Office

- Rated Voltage: 110 - 250 VAC, 50HZ / 60 HZ 
- Working Temperature: -15 degrees to 60 degrees
- Single phase - Use one ESB for every 19,000 watts
- This device is not designed for heavy duty load or monthly consumption higher than 19000kwh.
- Net weight: 125gms
- Dimensions: 67mm (b) x 155mm (l) x approx 65mm (h)

Product Features

- Saves 20% to 30% of electrical consumption
- Stabilize the supply voltage
- Reduce electrical overheating
- Improve efficiency and power factor
- Easy to use, maintenance free
- Earth friendly
Guide to use: Plug the electricity-saved box into any socket at home. Simple operation, no need maintenance, no need pay attention.
Suitable for: houses, condominiums, apartments, shop lots, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc...
Comes in a nice box with manual.

Using Power saver can

1.Can reduce electrical power loss by up to 40% and more.
2.Prolong the life of electric equipments by 1.5 times
3.Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make stable and safe.
4. Save up to 40% and more on electricity expense, results will vary.
5.Save up to 40% of expense on electricity bill

Easy to use and no wiring needed. Just plug and start saving.
Prolong your electrical appliances life span and maintenance cost.
Enhances quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and safe.

Reduce temperature of wire.

Price Rm29

For more info:-
sms/wassap: 0162637676

Alamat kedai:-
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worldwide business park
AKiDo street 13/46, Section 13, Shah Alam,
Tel: 016-2637676 (man)

Weekday 10.30-7 ptg
Sat 11-7
Sun 12-4
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