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Kinetic sand Box 2kg with free gift 20pc rm35

Kinetic Sand Rm45  Box 2kg with 20pc free gift 

Asslamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, kami RoseDelightShop usahawan muslim dan menjual berbagai peralatan dapur, rumah, perniagaan kecil-kecilan dan kanak2 dan ibu(MomKids).
Kami adalah Kedai As Seen On Tv Shah Alam Seksyen 13, Murah dan mudah dan juga murah

Memperkenalkan Kinetic sand. Ia didatangkan dgn berbagai warna.


Never dries out
  • Ignite creativity
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and above.
  • 2kg
  • Colour Random
  • 56cm dimension for the inflatable base 

1.PLAY SAND,eco-friendly material,100% non toxic and antibacteria
2.The material sensation is similar to cookie dough
3.Just look and feel like wet sand,super easy to mold into any shapes
4.This sand won't stain and easily removes from your hands and won't spread all over
5.Never dry,no mess and safe,various colors for your choice
6.Great option for purchase with bulk sands alive! or gift pack and pot package available

 It's like wet sand, only cooler. Mold it, shape it, squish it, love it.
98% sand and 2% magic.
All the fun of building sandcastles, but without the risk of land sharks.
Leaves no residue on your hands and is super easy to clean up
Great for sensory therapy.
Perfect for kids and adults with allergies: it's wheat, gluten, and casein free, and 100% safe and non-toxic (but don't eat it, of course).
Never dries out and is stain free.
But just like gremlins, don't get your Kinetic Sand wet.

Harga Retail: Rm35

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