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Gas Popcorn Machine stainless steel 10oz RM690

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Kami rosedelightshop(usahawan muslim) membekal mesin popcorn/bertih jagung yang tahan lasak/heavy duty( comercial use)
Mesin ini boleh beroperasi lebih 8 jam dalam satu masa dan menghasilkan popcorn dengan pengeluaran banyak dan sesuai jualan kecil-kecilan, kedai atau jadi pemborong.

Memperkenalkan  Gas Popcorn Machine stainless steel 10oz Rm690. Ia dikuasakan oleh 12 v battery

Technical parameter:
Type: VBG-701
Source gas: LPG (can change of natural gas, pipeline gas)
Power: 30w
Power supply: 220V 50HZ
Dimension: 44 X45X 46CM
Thermal power: 21MJ(19,900BTU)
Liquefied gas flow: 0.12m3/h

1)  Stir even triple that average 1 minute a pot, making popcorn super fast.
2)   The 304 stainless steel tank design, heated evenly, super fast efficiency, energy saving of 50%.
3)   Built-in dc 12 v battery and charging machine function, can be used to connect power or charge.
4)   Break through the existing technology, the box cover by concealment type round hole cooling system, can avoid motor operating under a state of overheating, extend the life of the motor, compared with similar products is better.

Popcorn machine cleaning and maintenance :
1 , cleaning and maintenance should be in power off , unplug the plug to prevent accidents.
2 , with a non-corrosive cleaning agents semi wet towel to clean the body surface , Yan
Disable rinse water directly popcorn and whole disk , otherwise let water penetrate , destroy electricity
Performance affect the product to work properly.
3 , does not allow a hard object with a metal plate popcorn machine wash inside and outside , in order to avoid pan
The non-stick coating damage. 

Kini Hanya RM690

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